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The Standard uses Localize to

“Save Time and Money While Freeing Up Their IT Team”


Reaching unique, international communities to promote local events sponsored by The Standard.


Successful event promotion to locals throughout their target markets, and a rise in site visitors.

The Standard first opened its doors in West Hollywood, California in 1999, beginning a journey that led them to be at the forefront of immersive hospitality. Uniquely focused on creating a community minded experience, The Standard incorporates locally-inspired menus, artisans and a design palette inspired by the local culture. More than a destination, The Standard is an unforgettable experience.

“We believe in hospitality fueled by culture. As we take The Standard to new markets around the world, we aim to further our mission of creating hotels layered with personalities, collaborators and amusements from culinary and nightlife, to retail and wellness that both surprise and delight our guests.”


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Increase in Site Traffic


With the rapid growth of The Standard, the need for localization became a top priority. Although most of their guests were English speaking, as The Standard branched out to Thailand, the Maldives and Ibiza, they saw an increasing need to localize their website to bring a feeling of community to their international audience.

"While the majority of our guests are English speaking, we always aim to be more inclusive. Establishing a community by tailoring our message and online experience in other markets, is a large piece of that greater mission to ensure that each guest, no matter where they’re from, feels important." - Lucas, Director of Marketing


When The Standard found Localize, they were able to quickly determine that it was the right solution for them. Localize is a non-technical approach to translation, with a user-friendly dashboard that anyone can use to collaborate, translate and manage projects on an ongoing basis. It also allows real time translations visible right on the website with its powerful, integrated In-Context Editor tool. Throughout onboarding and beyond, the Localize support and success teams worked together to ensure that The Standard team had all their questions answered, each feature demonstrated and every need met, to ensure a successful launch and ongoing management of the site.

The Standard’s content-rich website and ongoing updates proved to be a great match with Localize’s collaborative dashboard, ability to auto-detect new content and the instantaneous return of translations for human review by The Standard’s local teams. Additionally, since Localize is built to support ROI and resource-saving, there was no need for ongoing IT support so those members of the team were able to regain their bandwidth.


As a result of implementing Localize, The Standard reports excellent SEO-related outcomes with an increased discovery search of 23% for local translations. Localize saves them time and money, while also freeing up their IT team.

"It’s an incredible feeling to finish translating a page and then not worry about it." - Lucas, Director of Marketing

The Standard cites big plans for growing and entering new markets, including translating even more local languages across their sites. They’re happy to include Localize into their plans as the premier platform for their continued expansion.

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