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Javascript SDK

Change the experience for visitors who want to read your content in their preferred language. Integrating Localize into your site will allow Localize to find all of the content on your site, which will allow you to add translations using our powerful dashboard.


Localize exposes much of its functionality via a REST API, to make it easier for you to automate your workflow and integrate Localize with your existing tools. This can be especially useful when localizing mobile apps, emails and SMS.


The Localize CLI makes it easy to translate content from mobile apps and backend services. With a simple push/pull paradigm, you can easily push source content to Localize and then pull back the translations.


Developers can create webhooks that receive information in near real-time about events that happen in your Localize project. When a subscribed event happens we'll send an HTTPS POST request to your callback endpoint and your app can perform some action based on that event.

Staging Environments

Localize can easily be used in a multi-site deployment environment. If your team utilizes a Development > Staging > Production setup while creating new features for your website or application, no problem!

Team Permissions

We have extensive help documentation to help you every step of the way. From easily adding Localize to your website to using the REST API incorporated into your Continuous Integration system, you can find it in our docs.
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Convenient and Comprehensive Resources

Easy to Follow Integration Guides

Simple integration with your existing tech stack. Whether you have a Shopify storefront, a SquareSpace portfolio, or a HubSpot COS…we have you covered. Follow our integration guides or integrate using Google Tag Manager.

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