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Increased international registrants, a rise in unique site visitors, and dramatic business and revenue growth.

The International Cat Association

The International Cat Association, or TICA, is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats. Founded in 1979, they promote comprehensive standards for domesticated cats and provide information and resources about breeding and care.


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Increase in Site Traffic

The Problem

International registrants were unable to register their pedigreed cats online without translated application forms in their native languages. Applicants were forced to download and mail in paper applications. This manual process became so backed up that responses were months behind, creating issues for TICA’s scalability and success. They knew it was time for change.

“Prior to having these languages available, it had a severe impact on our success. People without translations were using mail and the manual process was overloading our staff. We knew we needed to update our software and find a solution for translating the applications on the website for our international registrants.” –  Danny Nevarez, COO

The Localize Solution

Scalability and use of a Salesforce integration were two of the largest determining factors when it came to finding the right localization solution for TICA. With Localize, they found that there was a ready-made Salesforce integration, scalable projects interface, powerful workflow automation and a variety of translation options to quickly provide the translations their clients needed.

“I was impressed at how uneventful it was to install Localize into our new software. Localize offers a set-it-and-forget-it system that was so easy to use, any member of our team could work in the system. The platform was intuitive and user-friendly.” - Danny Nevarez, COO

The Results:

Since working with Localize, TICA has seen an increase of 30% in business growth and revenue. Site usage has also increased, reporting 100% more international users with the addition of 15 languages to their website. Month over month projections continue to rise and TICA has never seen such growth since its inception.

“Using Localize had a tremendous impact on our business. Not only have we seen phenomenal international growth, we recognize the inclusivity we’ve been able to provide to all those people who would have needed to use other services.” - Danny Nevarez, COO

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