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A sharp rise in global signups, 40 million additional page views per month.

Prodege is a successful market research company based in El Segundo, California. This fast-growing tech startup helps leading brands gather meaningful consumer insights.

The company designs unique rewards programs, polls, and games to collect feedback from consumers. Prodege’s toolset includes Swagbucks, MyPoints, ShopAtHome, InboxDollars, CouponCause, Ysense, and Upromise. These programs help companies all over the world get new customers, drive brand loyalty, and increase their revenue.

Prodege’s dynamic product suite continues to gain popularity around the world. As a tech unicorn that’s currently experiencing massive growth, the team works hard to update their products and websites every day to meet customers’ needs.


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Increase in Site Traffic

The Problem

Prodege’s global success was also their biggest challenge. Their websites had millions of visitors, and many of them spanned the globe. As their international growth was skyrocketing, the Prodege team received some tough feedback: international users had a poor experience on Prodege’s English-only websites. Many people tried to manually translate the sites on their own, and the results weren’t accurate or successful.

For important international clients, Prodege’s market research tools were lost in translation. The Prodege team realized that it was time to translate and localize their sites and online tools for users around the world. Sofia de Albuquerque, Assistant Marketing Manager, was tasked with the challenge of translating Prodege’s digital content.

"Many of our clients were translating our sites with local tools, third-party plug-ins, or manually into translation apps. We needed a better system to communicate with our users." - Sophia de Albuquerque, Assistant Marketing Manager at Prodege

Another big challenge for translation: Prodege’s websites were updated almost every single day of the year. To keep their client base engaged, the Prodege team updated surveys, games, and brand offerings constantly. This content had to be translated in real-time to meet the needs of each new day. Prodege didn’t have time to spare for slow file-based methods of translation. They also didn’t want to drain all their developer resources on uploading translations for daily website updates. They needed automation, ease of translation, and quick turnaround for their dynamic products.

Swagbucks Join for Free page in English and translated to Spanish using Localize.

"I can’t even comprehend the drain on our developer resources if we tried a traditional approach to localizing. The cost of maintaining it alone would have been tremendous." - Sophia de Albuquerque, Assistant Marketing Manager at Prodege

The Localize Solution

Is it even possible to translate accurately and quickly when the source content is updated daily? With Localize, the answer is a resounding yes. Localize makes translation faster, easier, and more accurate.

Unlike other old-fashioned file-based TMS platforms on the market, Localize has the speed and agility to keep up the pace with Prodege’s ambitious content schedule. So, Prodege approached Localize with an interesting challenge. They wanted to use 3 different translation methods: machine translation, Prodege’s in-house translators, and a third-party translation service. And they needed a localization platform that could accommodate all three translation methods and cohesively translate everything.

"We had very specific goals in mind while shopping for a localization product. We wanted to reach and communicate better with our users, we wanted the autonomy to use in-house translators and we needed a tool to keep up with our constantly changing website. We found everything we needed and more with Localize." - Sophia de Albuquerque, Assistant Marketing Manager at Prodege

Localize was up for the challenge. Sofia and the Localize team got right to work. To begin, Prodege set up specialized accounts for each team member. The Localize dashboard was an easy place for Prodege to collaborate with translators. Localize Customer Success Manager, Linda Barsch, also helped Prodege plan their workflows.

"During implementation, the Customer Success Manager was very helpful and fast at replying and going through details to help us understand the product and show us how to use it. When we have a problem there is always open communication." - Sophia de Albuquerque, Assistant Marketing Manager at Prodege

For each target language, the Prodege team fine-tuned their preferred translation methods. Some languages used machine translation and post-editing from Prodege's translation team. Other languages were sent to Localize's professional third-party translators.

Localize’s unique toolset helped Prodege boost the quality and accuracy of their translations. Prodege used Localize's glossary and style guide tools to keep their translations consistent and on-brand. It was easy to use the system to place translation orders, too. All they had to do was choose phrases for translation and select the language. To prioritize webpages for translation, Prodege used Localize's In-Context Editor tool. This gave translators a live preview so they could see how translated sites would look in context.

Swagbucks Members page in English and translated to Spanish using Localize

Prodege’s daily site updates were no problem for the Localize platform. The system automatically scanned websites for new phrases to bring in for translation. Any new updates Prodege made to their sites or product offerings were instantly in their Localize dashboard, ready to go for translation. When translations were ready, the Prodege team could publish everything with the click of a button. No developers or engineering resources were necessary. The translation process was automatic, effective, and a lot easier than expected.

The Results

Localization was a worthy investment for Prodege. After translating their sites, Prodege experienced a sharp rise in global signups. And international traffic climbed even higher. Prodege’s sites reached a staggering 40 million page views per month.

With fast and accurate translations from Localize, Prodege found a better way to attract and engage their global visitors. Now that their digital content is translated, the Prodege team is thrilled that their international users can have a great experience with market research surveys and games in their native language.

Prodege says they now have a competitive advantage because they can communicate more naturally with customers all over the globe. As for future localization plans for more languages? Prodege will expand later this year to bring its innovative market research tools to even more countries.

40 Million pageviews per month

  • Prodege experienced a sharp rise in global signups.
  • Prodege’s sites reached a staggering 40 million page views per month.

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