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Equinix Intro

Equinix is a global data center and interconnection company that enables businesses to connect and exchange data with each other. With a global customer base, Equinix recognized the importance of providing localized content to its non-English-speaking customers.

The Challenge

Equinix initially tried several different solutions for localization, including in-house translation, Google Translate, and other tools. However, these solutions proved to be expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable. Equinix received pushback from its Japanese audience because of poor translation quality and wanted to ensure that its users would be happy with the localization solution it chose.


Words Translated




Increase in Site Traffic

Equinix has technical writers scattered across the globe who required localized content to be reviewed, creating a translation challenge. Equinix was looking for a localization solution that would be efficient, reliable, cost-effective and provide a good user experience.

“Translating manually is really painful, the tradeoffs are just not worth it. We’re constantly updating our content and without Localize to automate that process for real-time translations, all of our resource material would be out of date.” - Kate Montressor, Technical Documentation Manager

Equinix chose Localize to help streamline their localization process and reduce costs. Equinix team members were able to use Localize's In-Context Editor to review translations, CSS spacing, and other elements in real-time. This enabled them to confirm that the content was coherent and that the translations were visually and contextually suitable for the website.

Localize's customer support was also a deciding factor in Equinix's choice. The responsiveness of the Localize Customer Success team allowed Equinix to implement their translation solution quickly and efficiently.

“I really enjoy Localize, the onboarding experience has been superb” - Victor Tham, Software Engineer


Equinix has seen significant improvements since implementing Localize for the translation of their help resources. The company was able to complete the translations for their Readiness resource materials within 10 business days. Since then, Equinix has seen a 25% increase in pageviews. They are hearing positive comments from their international visitors about the quality of the transitions. Overall, Equinix is very happy with the results of their improved user experience for their non-English-speaking customers.

“Our clients understand the translations are generated by the top machine translation provider, DeepL, but they're very happy with the quality of those translations.” - Kate Montressor, Technical Documentation Manager

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